Find Suppliers of dates in Malaysia

Supplier of Dates in Malaysia Offers You Quality Dates

Dates fruits are considered as one of the most healthful fruits which should be consumed regularly to get all kinds of necessary components for health like fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. Health experts extensively recommend different types of dates to take proper care of your health. And, to get the quality dates easily, people search for the best Supplier of Dates in Malaysia both online and offline stores.


Dates are the fruits of the date palm tree. These fruits produce abundantly in different parts like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many more countries throughout the world. The Supplier of dates in Malaysia supplies a wide variety of dates so that people can collect their required variety staying any part of the world.


Not only for consuming in a raw state, several variations having different colors, flavors, and textures are used in food processing also. Depending on the phenolic antioxidants and richness of dietary fiber of the date fruits are selected for this.


Several Types of Usages of Date Fruits:

People like dates for their sweet caramel flavor and usually consume Dates as fruits with their breakfast. You can take the soft and dry date fruits out of hand adding them with no other food.


Chopped date fruits can be added to the desserts or used as fruit salad. The sweet and salty flavors of the date fruits go well with the salad.


Stuffed dates can be taken. Nuts, Chocolate, Fresh Basil, Cheese, Parmesan, Chia Seeds, and even Diced Fruits can be used to make the stuff of the date fruits. No doubt, it makes yummy taste.


Date fruits can be used as an alternative to sugar to add to bakery items. To get quality date fruits you can take the help of a good supplier of dates in Malaysia at a reasonable price.

You can make a syrup from the date fruits to use for the dressing of food and also can be used in the milkshake as a beverage sweetener.


Before going to the gym, you can blend the date fruits into your smoothies to get more energized.

The process of storing Date Fruits

An airtight container is the most suitable to store date fruits for a few months. You can keep this air-tight container in the refrigerator for more than one year.


Date fruits have the lowest moisture (only 27%,) content of any other whole fruit. It means these fruits are naturally dehydrated.  With time, the tasty sugars in these fruits will gradually move to the exterior and will produce a few white spots of sugar. Never get worried about it because those are not molded.


Besides, the best supplier of dates in Malaysia can suggest other processes to store date fruits well for a long period.


As Date fruits are an excellent source of Antioxidants, people consume them regularly to lessen the risks of several ailments.


Phenolic Acid: Date fruits contain Phenolic Acid which is acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory features.  It is helpful to lower down the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Flavonoids: This component is found in the Date Fruits which is one of the great antioxidants and helps to lessen inflammation. Besides, it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer, and Diabetes.

So, find out the best supplier of dates in Malaysia to stay healthy around the year.